Hi, I’m Jodi.


After burnout and identity crisis I became increasingly motivated by the connection between wellbeing and “success”. As I taught yoga and managed teams in the workplace, I saw some patterns: first, that we seem to be facing a stress and anxiety epidemic; and second, that we’re craving the skills to better manage life’s challenges. You can read more about my story here.

Now, I help the hard workers and high-achievers with a generous spirit, who feel stuck despite working non-stop.

Let’s move from frustrated and stuck, to the brighter life you crave.

I’ll champion and guide you to channel your generous nature so that it works in your favour. To move past people-pleasing and perfectionism and create the life you’re craving - a life which combines your ambitions and your compassion.

Specifically, I’m a yoga-meditation teacher, facilitator and photographer with a passion for achieving our highest sense of wellbeing to thrive in life.


How do these elements come together?

No more hiding your true nature. It’s all about living with honesty & seeing life exactly as it is.

Yoga - I teach because I believe that yoga can transform your life and your relationship with yourself - the most important starting point in making real change. Join me online or in person here.

Accountability sessions - Accountability is a crucial element in creating - and finally implementing - the changes required to live life in the bigger way that you’re craving. When you’re ready to commit to the betterment of your life and impact those around you more positively, holding yourself accountable to someone will help you to get to work and follow steps that are right for you as your unique life stands. Book a free call to discuss if this is right for you.

Photography - I specialise in personal branding imagery for entrepreneurs, artists and wellbeing businesses. I also offer portraits to women and their loved ones and uplifting event photography. I capture the beauty in the unforced, undone, natural moments - the moments we may take for granted. Find out more here.


Why work with me?

I bring to my work:

  • Ten years of experience helping others find clarity. I’ve led, mentored and coached others to find clarity and take personal responsibility, whatever their situation and role, to create impact and purpose.

  • With me, you get a unique hybrid. You get the practical, grounded in the ‘real world’ side: I supported others as an HR Manager, people manager and leadership facilitator in the business world. I have training in coaching, leadership, communication skills and business management.

  • You also get the spiritual and creative side. I’m a certified yoga teacher, photographer, and someone with an understanding of the inner transformation required for living confidently. I believe in the power of feeling fully - the ups and the downs. Yoga and photography evoke these experiences and provide a mirror to our true self.

  • And then there’s my personal journey. I’ve walked my own personal journey from living in crippling anxiety, guilt and overwhelm to living in line with my needs and wellbeing. Of course, I’m always growing, but I’m happy to say I’ve left what felt like a compromise life and created one that feels highly aligned with who I really am, my greatest loves, and the legacy I hope to leave.


One thing I’ve learned, is that LIFE changeS only when we do the inner work.

And that inner work is so freeing. As we undo beliefs and habits that hinder us, we find a freedom in life that was missing before.

There comes a point where action must replace knowledge and learning. There’s magic in getting out there and taking action, and through listening to your own inner wisdom. Nobody has a secret solution - your life and its complexities are beautifully unique to you.

My offerings and support to you are the very best in what I’ve learned over the years and have allowed me and others to start living our most fulfilling lives. I break down the key challenges relating to overwhelm and anxiety into specific, impactful programmes to meet your key goals.


and how about you?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you working your hardest, pleasing others, but unhappy and lost on the inside? Do you get easily upset or frustrated and don’t really know why? And have you reached a point where you’re ready for change, but don’t know where to start?

I hear you. I’ve been there and it’s a confusing and overwhelming place.

Changing this starts with you. With space. And with looking inside. I’ll guide you through that.

You have the freedom to be who you are and create a life that you are excited about. You deserve it, just as much as everyone else who is living with ease and confidence.

You have a choice to prioritise your wellbeing, to learn how to say no and to create space to hear your inner needs, regardless of other people’s opinions. You can create change in your life that didn’t seem possible for you before.

Please, don’t waste the freedom and opportunity available to you.

I’m so excited for your journey ahead. x

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