Why yoga and meditation changed my life

Meditation & yoga are absolutely crucial elements of my life.

For me to feel and give my very best requires keeping a close eye on my mindset & overall wellbeing. 

It was only when I learned to get in tune with myself & respect my wellbeing, that I could understand what I needed to do to find the real joy that was missing from my life. 

This short video below shares why yoga & meditation changed my life.

In it, I share: 

  • how the focusing inwards helped me to get fully honest with myself & stop hiding

  • how paying attention inside gave me the clarity to understand the next right steps for me

  • the realisation that the only route to finding what was missing for me was by respecting my needs, and prioritising these over my immediate wants and the wants of others

I'd love to know if this struck a chord. What helps you to feel your best day-to-day? Let me know in the comments - there’s such value in sharing ideas, and your story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Here’s to feeling like the best version of you. 💛

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