How to break the cycle of overwhelm


I reckon when you feel good, it elevates everyone around you. But mostly, it elevates you, to live and experience life as fully as you deserve. 

If you want to feel better without pushing so hard — even while navigating overwhelm — my video blog may provide some ideas to help.

I talk about a couple of key practices which started to change the negative loop for me. They can be done by anyone, anywhere. Best of all, they work, when we’re ready to commit to consistency.

Not so long ago I was in a place of total exhaustion and overwhelm. I felt like I’d totally lost control of all sides of my life, and stuck on what to do next. It was a horrible feeling, and held me back from the life I craved until I knew how to tackle it.

Quick fixes kept me numb and in a miserable loop (plenty of sugar, media, box sets, booze), until I was ready to actively making change from the inside, and to changing my story consistently.

The magic came from choosing internal wisdom over external validations and distractions, and from believing that my wellbeing was important enough to be made a non-negotiable priority.

In the blog I share:

  • How to start making time for the seriously rewarding inner work.

  • How to start making deep-impacting progress using your own wisdom.

  • How committing to yourself, truly, is the start of great things.

  • Simple techniques that are easy to remember and implement.

I'd love to know if this struck a chord. What helps you to manage overwhelm & exhaustion? Let me know in the comments - there’s such value in sharing ideas, and your story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.


Here’s to feeling and living as the best version of you. 💚