Feeling the shorter, rainy days? Some go-to's for when you're feeling low.

When you feel rubbish about yourself and in self-guilt and criticism, here are some ways to remind your good self that this is all part of the ride & that you’re amazing & wise (because you are!).

  1. Write it down: take time out to write what’s up. Get critical thoughts onto paper and ask why you’re having these thoughts. Keep asking why until you’re at the bottom of the thoughts. This’ll help work out what’s really going on.

  2. Pay attention: set a timer for 2/5/10 minutes, close your eyes and sit with your breath. Put effort on paying attention to just the inhale & exhale. Let the nervous system reset itself. This is meditation

  3. Get outside: Go for a walk, breathe in the fresh air, moving out of the head & into the body & the world around us (even in the rain!).

  4. Listen to a favourite upbeat song: Shift your state & outlook with a song that you love.

  5. Switch self-criticism to love: Remind yourself how you’d support a loved one feeling the way you are. Give yourself those words & support. Building self-love builds self-resilience.

Please remember - you’re far from weak, and you’re in control more than you think.

Please don’t let anyone, including you, make you feel like you can’t cope. You can. Giving your body & mind something productive & disruptive in low moments will help you feel more in control of your life. ⠀

Yoga’s taught me much of this along the way. It’s crazy how much is in our control that we forget about because of the design of modern life. When we take small actions to check in with ourselves we can start to learn how much is in our own power. x

I'd love to know: What are your go-to’s when you feel low? It's so helpful to share! Please share your thoughts in the comments below - you might just help someone with a breakthrough. x